Pressure Washing Wash Procedures:

There is a science to pressure cleaning exterior surfaces.

House Washers Services include Low-pressure, non- power soft washing of roofs; roof cleaning that is safe for your roof, without pressure!
House Washers also offers High power pressure washing of concrete sidewalks and driveways. Pressure cleaning brick pavers. Power washing of walls and eaves, pressure washing pool decks, pressure cleaning screen enclosures. We power wash mobile homes, pressure clean houses, pressure wash buildings. We can power wash your lawn furniture, we can also pressure wash your wood decks, or power wash your wood fences. We can pressure wash your street curbs or pressure clean your neighborhood sub division wall! We can low-pressure chemical clean or use medium pressure chemical injection. We can chemically clean in conjunction with high power pressure cleaning. We can paint your house, or pressurewash and paint your pool deck. Pressure washing is included in all exterior paint jobs. We can stain your wood decks and fences after power washing to give wood that "new" look again.

Pressure cleaning, power washing, and pressure washing are different names for the same application; high-pressure water impact on a surface. Pressure washing removes stains, dirt, mold, mildew, fungus, grease, graffiti, rust spider webs, and flaking paint, among other things. The initial high pressure water impact dislodges contaminants, the water still having a force of energy that washes the contaminants away. Pressure cleaning can be ambient temperatures, or heated. Since water boils at 212 degrees don't confuse hot water power washing with steam cleaning.
Pressure washing equipment utilizes an engine to turn a pump, which compresses water into a narrow jet basically forcing water thru an orifice smaller than a pencil lead, at a rate of several gallons a minute (GPM). Chemicals can be injected into the stream for more effective cleaning. There are two factors that determine the force of the machine, pressure per square inch or PSI, and gallons per minute or GPM. To get output force simply multiple the PSI times GPM. This is the "dyne force" of the machine. In the pressure washing industry it is commonly called effective cleaning units, or ECU's.

Graffiti, mold, mildew, fungus, spider webs, dirt, grease, oil, rust stains can all be removed with the right detergents and pressure washing.
Looks Sell !! Whether you want to sell your home on the market, or you want to attract customers to a business, maybe you just want your house to be clean on the outside, power washing is the first step. Mold, mildew & insects, can appear on walls overnight. Even maintenance free buildings and homes need " pressure washing" ....mold grows everywhere. Dirt sticks to walls after it rains, insects build nest, vehicles leave tracks on driveways or drip oil, and of course the human factor-spills.


STEP (1.)
Prepare the area to be cleaned. remove anything loose such as welcome mats and anything that could be blown off walls, for example if we were cleaning the area around a swimming pool we would remove hanging plant baskets, pool toys, clocks or thermometers on the walls, grills, furniture, basically everything.

STEP (2.)
Remove heavy debris: leaves, sticks, build of of soil, trash

STEP (3.)
PRE WASH OR SOAK SURFACES TO BE CLEANED "water and appropriate detergent" using metered chemical injection prior to pressure washing or a direct application of chemicals depending on circumstances

STEP (4.)
HIGH PRESSURE WASH " pressure washing adjustable to surface type" 45 to 5000 PSI.

STEP (5.)

Kids & adults don't try this at home. Impact energy is required to remove a contaminant, If that energy level is too high damage will result. Use of the wrong cleaning solvent / detergent / cleaning solution can also damage the surface being cleaned. Pressure cleaning can be dangerous, A simple mistake such as not properly inserting a cleaning tip can result in a projectile being launched from cleaning wand. Hitting yourself or someone else with the pressure stream can create a nasty wound, Trust me I found this one out when a hose blew and stuck me in the back of the leg. I have seen both high pressure hoses & pumps explode. Chemicals can cause severe burns, not to forget a lot of the work has to be done from ladders and lifts.

"FACT 90% of our customers own some sort of pressure cleaner" But they use our service anyway.

HOUSE WASHERS provides pressure cleaning services in: Greater Orlando FL Area including Orange and Seminole county. Our pressure washing service areas includes but is not limited to these areas of Florida's Orange, Osceola and Seminole county's: