HOA Violation letter

Homeowners Association: We do power washing for HOA's making sure that the common areas are properly maintained.

Homeowners HOA warning letter of violation:
Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the exterior of buildings on their property including the house, garage, shed, fence, deck or patio, and driveway.
The most common HOA violation our customers encounter is moldy siding or dirty roof or driveway.

Can HOA force you to clean? Yes!

The HOA has the right to pass a bylaw and enforce it under Fl. Stat. Ch. 720 The HOA has the right to fine owners per the bylaw. If the fines build up, the HOA has the right to force a foreclosure of the property. You can fight. however you are expected to exhaust all the administrative means available to you to appeal the matter within the HOA. Then/after, you can file a Petition for Declaratory Judgment under Fl. Stat. Ch. 86 in Circuit or County court.

Can you force HOA to clean a common area?

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Go to Meetings, talk with board members find out why the area is not being maintained. Bring photos, Copies of the maintenance responsibilities set forth in the HOA governing documents .

Here is my advice ands its 100% accurate in all situations we can safely pressure clean the areas in question faster and easier then you can discuss between owner and HOA and it will always be cheaper than any form of legal battle. And you have the added benefit of IT LOOKS GREAT WHEN WE ARE DONE!

OUR Professional mobile pressure washing service also offers services for paint preparation, rust removal, graffiti removal, wood restoration and non pressure tile & shingle chemical roof cleaning.

We are punctional and have an extensive knowledge of the exterior cleaning industry and do very meticulous, methodical cleaning service. We are very careful to take our time to give you the best quality service available.