Graffiti, Gang Tag removal :

When graffiti / tags that have been spray painted on a wall it may be unappealing and or offensive to most, but just as bad can be the results of ineffective removal attempts, by using inappropriate or destructive methods. Graffiti / tag removal is not an easy task. It requires experience, high pressure cleaning equipment, and the right chemicals. Unfortunately, many restoration and removal efforts leave surfaces scarred and looking as bad (or worse) than they were before the work began. Often this is because involved personnel do not know what agents and methods are required, have not been properly instructed or have ignored instructions.

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Unfortunately, The primary reason that it's so hard to clean off graffiti is related to the various types of paint (materials) taggers or street artists are using, which generally is whatever they can get their hands on. Another issue that makes removing graffiti a challenge is handling the run-off. If you're not careful, the paint that's being washed off the walls could end up staining the sidewalk.

There are many different problems with graffiti; such as type of product used in the vandalism was it a spray paint or latex house paint? Maybe a marker or lipstick? And what was the type of surface that was vandalized? For graffiti and gang tags on smooth painted surfaces paint is used to cover over the spray painted graffiti tags. Paint is the most common way to common wayto mask graffiti. It is fairly low cost compared to removing graffiti with some chemical solvents. Color Matching enables us to color match your existing paint color Graffiti tags that have been spray painted and need to be removed from unpainted masonry surfaces like brick, cinder block and other concrete surfaces are trickier and more expensive to remove. Graffiti and gang tag removal products that work are not cheap and these products are somewhat hazardous to work with.

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