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If You're getting ready to paint your house its a good idea to start with power washing.

In fact the directions on every can of paint state: Surface must be Clean!

We can pressure wash your home to prepare for your do it yourself paint job. Pre paint pressure washing removes dirt, mildew, loose paint, spider webs and other insect nest, as well help reduce the chalking of the old paint.

A Paint Prep is basically the same as a regular pressure washing of you home with the exceptions of using higher pressure and trying to knock off loose paint. If the house is Chalky the pressure washing will help to remove this chalk.

*NOTE: you may see some missing paint or scarring on the walls after this extreme cleaning. This would need to be done in a timely manner in conjunction with painting in very near future

We are punctional and have an extensive knowledge of waterproofing, exterior cleaning and painting industry and do very meticulous, methodical cleaning and painting service. We are very careful to take our time to give you the best quality service available.